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School Account


School account

Allows the school administration to add canteens, create accounts for vendors, view registered students, add students who were not able to register, as well as withdraw funds from their e-wallet directly into their bank account

Admin Features:

  • Add and manage canteens

  • Add and manage students

  • Browse canteen products

  • View student purchases

  • Top-up e-wallet credit

  • Transfer credit to student e-wallet


How to Register

  1. Fill out the form below (school account form) 

  2. Login details will then be sent to the phone number or email  address you entered in the form

  3. Download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  4. Select the "Log In" option

  5. Feel free to add students who were unable to register

  6. Add seller

  7. Manage shops and products

Sign-Up Form (School Account)



The school Head can visit Maqsafy's library to view photos and enriching content, as well as using them for promoting the usage of the application.

Guardian's Speech

The Head of the school can broadcast this to the student guardians to introduce them to the use of Maqsafy at school.

User Manual

The Head of the school can send the user manual to students and guardians, as it includes a full guide on the usage of the application in clear detail.


The school Head can view Maqsafy's profile which contains a brief introduction to the application as well as an introduction to its accounts and user manuals.

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