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Canteen account


Canteen account

The owner of the canteen can add his products, sell them, and receive pre-orders, as the money is received from the students' portfolios completely electronically, as the canteen account is created by the school account, in addition to enabling him to request suppliers to supply his canteen daily.

Admin Rights

  • Manage products

  • Add products

  • Monitor student purchases

  • Withdraw money from e-wallet into the bank account


How To Join

  1. Fill out the form below (canteen account form), or through "School Account" in the Maqsafy application

  2. Login details will then be sent to the phone number or email  address you entered in the form

  3. Download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  4. Select the "Log In" option

  5. Feel free to add products and manage sales

Sign-Up Form (Canteen Account)


How To Join (Video Tutorial)

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