Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your use of any application or services owned by the Commercial Settlement Company (a closed joint stock) or subject to its control, as they consist of the terms and conditions listed below in addition to the terms described in the Privacy Policy according to the amendments that may be made from time to time. Please make sure you are aware of any changes by visiting the notices home page regularly.


Definition and terminology

Commercial Settlement Company (Closed Joint Stock) "The Company":
A Saudi company working in the field of information technology and the development of electronic payment systems through its team and its partners inside and outside Saudi Arabia, as the company owns the "Mqsafi" application as an electronic store and as an electronic wallet accounts with a direct payment system with several advantages in the application.

My Scissors Application:
The Maqsafi application came to organize the payment and purchase process in school canteens completely electronically, by enabling the canteens to receive the amounts through the electronic wallets for the customers of the canteen, where customers of the canteen can download the application and add credit to their account and buy from the canteen.

Payment program in Moqsafi app:
The Moqsafi application works for the electronic wallet, where payments for purchases are received electronically to the canteen account in the Moqsafi application, by deducting the price of the product from the financial value available on the wallet, so that the application does not allow the purchase of products higher than the available amount.

My Scissor Purse:
An electronic wallet that saves funds in all Maqsafi accounts, and divides them electronically according to purchases, and is used through the (Muqsafi) app.

These are the terms and conditions for using the Maqsafi app, which clarify and regulate the process for the customer, merchant, or service provider to use Moqsafi accounts.

Clipper accounts

Parent account:
The guardian can add money in his wallet, add his children, allocate an expense and a daily limit for each son, view the canteen products and purchase processes, and prevent unwanted products, and the student's guardian can buy his son’s meal from home through the pre-order feature.

Student account:
The student can view his account and the amount allocated by his guardian and allow him to view the canteen products, where the student’s account is created through self-registration or from his guardian’s account, and the student can buy his meal from home through the pre-order feature.

School account:
It enables the school administration to add canteens, create accounts for vendors, view registered students, add students who were unable to register, and help them transfer the daily expenses after charging the wallet.

Merchant account (canteen):

The owner of the canteen is able to add his products, sell them and receive pre-orders, as the money is received from the students' portfolios completely electronically, as the canteen account is created by the school account, in addition to enabling him to request suppliers to supply his canteen on a daily basis.

Supplier account:

It enables suppliers to display their products and receive orders from school canteens / restaurants and sell them and receive funds electronically from the canteens' wallets, where the supplier account and any other products are created by the Moqsafi application management.

The Moqsafi application agreement to provide the electronic payment service aims to clarify the quality of the level of services provided through the various systems, services, distinguished programs, and the rights and duties of both the commercial settlement company and the customers. This agreement is an explicit and clear agreement between Mossafi and everyone who deals with it, and in the event that you access and / or register and / or continue to use or access the services, you agree to abide by these terms of use and legal documents with immediate effect. Therefore, simply obtaining any of the services covered by this agreement is an implicit and explicit consent on the part of the recipients of those services, on all of what is stated in this agreement, without prejudice to any other agreements that may be included in the process of providing that service.

The following are the obligations of the commercial settlement company in proportion to the requirements of users:

Rights of target groups:
• The Maksafi application allows registrants through the application to browse available products without providing services or completing operations.
• The Maqsafi app provides four different accounts with different capabilities and features, the parent account, the student account, the school account, and the canteen account (seller).
Dealing with students' requests with fairness and confidentiality.


My Scissors Features and Features
The Maqsafi app contains many features and features that organize the buying and selling process in the canteens completely electronically, by enabling the canteens to receive the amounts through electronic wallets for students.


Features of the application:
Available for all canteens.
Available for all academic levels.
• Ease of calculating the value.
• Get rid of the problems of coins resulting from the added tax and the consequent time consuming in calculating the remainder.
• Get rid of the trouble of disbursing money for the children's daily expenses.
• Ease and speed of dealing in the buying and selling process.
• Complete the purchase process without worrying about financial differences.
• Providing account statements of operations.
• An online application available via smart phone applications.
• Ease of use of the application.
• A feature to link the parent's account with the student’s account.
• Preventing the completion of purchases of products prohibited by the guardian.
• Linking the electronic system to the canteen to display the products and their details.
• Ease of credit charging and withdrawal.


The registration stage is one of the most important stages in the e-marketing process, whereby (the parent or student) registers with his personal information to open an account in the Maqsafi app. The user agrees to grant Moqsafi an unlimited right, and is authorized to use personal information that has been provided to the application through the registration process, via dedicated forms for communication and registration, or via an email or any of the available communication channels. This facilitates the operation and promotion of the application according to the usage agreement and privacy policy.


Registration steps:
• Download the application from online stores available through (Google Play \ App Store).
• Click on Create a New Account (when submitting an application to register for membership and an account with Maqsafi, the user is obligated to register with the specified personal information and choose a secret password to use when logging into the Maqsafi account).
• The registration confirmation code will be sent to the mobile number you are registered with.
• The registration must be identical to the ID number, and the entered data must be correct, bearing in mind that the incorrectness of the entered or attached data leads to the non-completion of the registration process or the suspension of the account by the commercial settlement company in order to preserve the correct registration rights.
• Registration in the Maqsafi app is done according to the type of user's choice of the account.

Upon acceptance of the registration application, the user will be considered a registered member of the application and thus the following will be approved:
• The user undertakes that he is the only person responsible for all the information that he entered, as the role of the bombing application is limited to allowing the display of this information on the interface of his account of the application.
• The registrar bears full responsibility for the application for his choices and the regulations governing services. The company is committed to the privacy of the recorded data.
• The user is specifically responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information related to his account, through the secret password and not allowing access to others.
• The user acknowledges that Muqsafi is not responsible for any improperly processed transaction or illegal or fraudulent access to the user's account, identifiers and data.
• The user is obligated, in the event of any illegal use or any breach of his account, to communicate with the management of Mossafi immediately on this use.
• In the event that the user does not immediately communicate about any illegal use or attempt to penetrate the customer’s account, Muqsafi does not assume any responsibility.
• Maqsafi is not responsible in any way for any loss that may directly or indirectly affect the user, whether morally or financially, as a result of revealing the user name or password information.
• The user is the person responsible for maintaining the use of the application with all seriousness and credibility and is considered obligated to compensate him for any losses or damages that may be caused to the application as a result of any illegal or real or authorized use of his account by him or by any other person who obtained the keys to access the account, whether he was To perform services and others using the username and password, whether with or without authorization from the user.
• The user undertakes that all information used in the registration process is true, correct, updated and complete information that expresses and conforms to what is required in the registration form at Moqsafi.
• Monitoring and evaluation of account activity by the management of Maksafi, whereby all inactive, ineffective and suspicious accounts are closed in order to protect users.
• Moqsafi has the right to monitor the buying and selling processes in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the application.
• The user undertakes to abide by all terms and conditions stated in the text of the agreement and the privacy policy of the application.


Terms and Conditions

The application provides membership scrapers when registering with the parent's account and is linked electronically to the student account and the school canteen, where services are provided according to the following terms and conditions:
• Maqsafi services are available to people registered through the app.
• The account services are automatically canceled when the account is closed.
• The financial dues are liquidated between the parent's account, the student’s account, and the canteen immediately after the account is canceled from the Maqsafi app.
• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations to regulate e-commerce.
• No user has the right to use one e-mail or mobile number to open more than one account for any reason whatsoever, and the management of the bombers has the right to freeze the violating accounts or cancel these accounts or one of them with a commitment to liquidate all operations related to the account before it is closed or canceled without incurring any responsibility on My scissors.
• It is possible for the guardian's account to be linked to several accounts for the student (if the guardian has more than one son / daughter, to allow for the possibility of following the students' school canteen).
• In the event that the user is found to have violated any of the conditions, any purchase or sale orders or any operations made by him will be canceled, and in this case the user undertakes to bear all responsibility and that no legal liability shall arise on my bombers.

• The canteen operator undertakes to inform the school administration of any disease that he may suffer as stipulated in the document - the health requirements for school canteens -.
• The school canteen has an obligation to provide the products offered to students in schools.
• It follows that the school canteen does not sell or display any prohibited products or any products that violate the regulations and laws in force within government laws and violate public health.
• Maksafi app, the company, and any sister company reserve the right to change the service fee for the Meqsafi app at any time (such as charging the balance, withdrawing the balance, the purchase process, etc.).
• Moqsafi app, “the company” and any sister company reserve the right to add fees for the Maqsafi app services at any time (such as creating an account for school principals, an account for canteens, etc.).
All disputes must be conducted in good faith and in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of the account statement. Fees that have been paid are considered acceptable in the absence of submitting written objections within the thirty (30) day period, and in the event of failure to resolve disputes amicably then resort to the courts Competent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
• The responsibility of applying Maksafi in any claims, costs, damages, losses or expenses, whether arising from negligence or any damage, contract or otherwise, will not exceed, in its entirety, the fees of the amounts paid by the process that took place in the school or canteen during the last month Calculated from the date the requirements are due.


My Clipper app modifications:
• The user’s agreement that the Maqsafi app has the power to amend the terms and conditions, and any modifications made to it will be published on the official website of the Moqsafi app (www.maqsafy.com). Under these modifications, the user’s obligations may double according to any amendments that may be made to Usage Agreement.
• The user’s acknowledgment and consent that the “Moqsafi” application reserves the right to amend all or any part of the privacy policy, terms and conditions without incurring legal responsibility, and we may send reminders periodically via e-mail regarding the amendments to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, but you should check with your visit Recurring our website for the latest changes.

The Mozzafi app system is constantly changing to make its use an enjoyable experience for users. You acknowledge and agree that the commercial settlement company (closed joint stock) that owns the Moqsafi app may provide new services from time to time without notifying you in advance, and the agreement that has been amended as a result of introducing new services will be published on the official website of the Moqsafi app (www.maqsafy.com). ).
The Moqsafi application has the right to amend the prices of the subscription fees in the Moqsafi application, and this amendment will be binding on the school and the canteen if he does not object within five (5) days to the new amendments, and this is in the event that it was not agreed in advance, and in the event of a prior agreement on the prices, it is not entitled Objection in any way.

Terms and conditions for issuing warnings and suspending accounts with the right of non-compliance:
• Any suspicious transactions that the user is obligated to disclose, and in the event of failure to respond, the commercial settlement company has the right to suspend the account until the completion of the process, and the company has the right to suspend the account if full verification is not available. We do not bear responsibility for any compensation for any losses or damages of any kind, whether direct Or indirect, including any compensation on account of the loss of potential profits, anticipated sales, or liabilities related to your use of the services of my application.
• The application sends alerts to the guardian’s account, with the necessity to recharge the student’s balance, and in the event of non-response, it sends an alert that service will be interrupted from the account within a maximum period of two years, or according to what the company’s management sees (Mossafi app).
• The services will be suspended from the student’s account in the absence of a balance for more than two years in the student’s (wallet) account, or according to what the company’s management considers (Mossafi application).
• The commercial settlement company, represented by the application of the canteen, has the right to suspend the accounts of the canteens in the event of failure to respond to any financial questions or about the prohibited products or any inquiries directed by any official government agency.
• If the account is suspended, the sections of this agreement will remain in effect according to its provisions.
• The guardian’s account is subject to the closure of his account or the cancellation of his membership from my detractors, and thus the student’s account as well, at any time and without prior notice, in the event of eviction by one of the terms and conditions.



Online payment services:
The Moqsafi application provides electronic payment services in modern ways that enable the guardian to charge the balance and then review the products that will be sold to the student, and it also allows the guardian to deposit an amount (daily / monthly / yearly) and transfer it into the student's account and determine the value of the daily expense, with the ability to save the differences Financial in the student’s wallet as a purchasing value to be used later, and the electronic payment process is available upon completion of the purchase by the student.

The Moqsafi application provides an electronic payment service for the possibility of purchasing products or services through the Maqsafi application (canteen account) and paying the required amount through the student's balance from the electronic wallet, and “Moqsafi” provides the following payment methods:
• Receiving the incoming transfers from the parent's account, where the amount is divided into a specified value as a daily expense to complete the student's purchases.
• Complete the electronic payment process from the student’s account, and send the relevant bills to the parent’s account.
• Linking all student accounts to the canteen account.
• Receive, save and settle electronic payments from the student’s account to the canteen’s account.
• The possibility of payment by deducting the required amount from the student’s balance in Maksafi wallet.
• In the event that the request cannot be provided, the student will be informed directly in this regard, as the full amount paid will be returned to the student’s wallet in the Maqsafi app through the canteen account, and it is the responsibility of the canteen account holder.


Financial range services:
• Keeping the financial balances in the wallets of the application users and providing an opportunity to manage them.
• The application works as an online store and has user accounts such as an electronic wallet only. It is not considered a bank and does not provide similar banking services. Rather, it is an electronic application through which users are enabled to buy and sell in school canteens.
• Balance inquiry feature.
• The product pricing is calculated in the local currency (Saudi riyal), plus VAT. The responsibility for determining prices and the tax or any fees they include shall be the responsibility of the canteen account holder.
• The school and the canteen are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to taxes and fees, and it is responsible for paying these taxes and fees within their specified deadlines and amounts due to the competent authority.


Cancelling order:
Moqsafi reserves the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons:
• Rejection / denial of payment.
• Cancellation of the request by the guardian (to continue the order cancellation process, the guardian must contact the Meqsafi customer service team by phone at [00966556044457] or email us [info@maqsafy.com]).
• In the event that the request is canceled, a cancellation fee will be imposed on the student, which will be deducted from the amount available in my e-wallet.


The receipt:
Moqsafi application is not responsible for the process of receiving the product, this service is the responsibility of (the student and the school canteen), as the canteen must secure the receipt.


Selling and displaying canteen products:

Moqsafi application works to provide sales services and product display, by displaying the products of the school canteen where the products added to the electronic payment program for the Moqsafi application are displayed. Once registered in the application with the aforementioned accounts, everyone is considered to have agreed to agree and adhere to the mechanism, terms and conditions of sale and display the following products:

(The canteen) undertakes to implement the following matters:
It has the legal authority and authority to sell and promote (products) through the electronic application and use the services in it. In addition, the school canteen pledges that doing so does not violate any law, legal rule, applicable system, privacy or public rights, or any property rights or other rights of any party. Or a third party and that he has not and will not enter into any agreements, negotiations or transactions (whether verbal or written) that conflict with this agreement.

Terms and conditions of sale:
• The canteen should display a clear sticker and all people can see it with the Maqsafi brand.
• That all products sold are original and free from defects as was stated in the product description, and in the event of any violation or breach of this clause, the canteen must immediately compensate the aggrieved student for the value of the commodity he purchased or any other financial claims for damages caused to the student as a result of the commodity.
• The canteen is responsible for all after-sales services, including repair or replacement of defective goods.
• The canteen is obligated not to send promotional or additional contact information to parents or students within the product packages that it sells through the application.
• The value of the commodity is calculated with the added value.
• It is not allowed to sell unauthorized products in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the laws and regulations issued by the government.
• It is not allowed to sell counterfeit products of internationally or locally registered brands.
• It is not allowed to sell products that are stolen, of unknown source, or that do not have an official selling license.
• Not to sell illegal religious goods.
• Not to sell soft drinks, tobacco of all kinds, and medicine.
• Not selling skin products, make-up, and accessories.
• Not to sell non-educational videos, games or films.
• Not to sell products of illegal animal origin.
• Not to sell any damaged or damaged, forged, or invalid goods, or that, through their use, they may harm the application's users.
• Any commodity or product that has been officially or informally advertised by any concerned government agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for not allowing its sale, import, or use, whether before or after its display on the site, for the right stalkers not to allow it to be displayed or sold.

Terms and conditions of product description:
• It is prohibited to publish inappropriate information, content or news, within the recognized customs and traditions, in describing products.
• It is prohibited to transmit false, fraudulent, incorrect, misleading, defamatory, defamatory, intimidating or harassing information via the application.
• Not to publish any information or contents or include goods that are infringing on the local culture, religion or traditions.
• Not to publish information, content or products that may not be compatible with Islamic Sharia laws, provisions, principles, values, ethics and traditions.
• Not to use inappropriate words when describing the product for sale by using words in the product names or addresses, with the aim of drawing attention or directing customers to the products.
• The publication of details related to products or services (including but not limited to: marketing bulletins, advertisements and offers for the products offered) on Meqsafi is not a guarantee of the availability of products, offers or prices.

trade mark:
• The "Moqsafi" application informs its valued customers that all products displayed on the application are registered trademarks and are protected by international and intellectual trademark rights and laws of ownership of other trademarks.
All other individual trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
• Participating brands must be displayed under my clutch.

Terms and conditions of return and exchange:
• The parent or student must fill out the complete return and exchange form (to continue the process of canceling the return or exchange, the parent must contact the Maqsafi customer service team by phone at [00966556044457] or email us [info@maqsafy.com]).
• The possibility of returning the purchases delivered in the school canteen within a quarter of an hour only, provided that they are intact, wrapped and in their original condition, where the damaged item is excluded and this paragraph is subject to the canteen account policy.
• The possibility of replacing purchases (stationery) without foodstuff within a period not exceeding (one day) from the date of receipt of the commodity that is stored in the customer’s account data, and this paragraph is subject to the canteen account policy.
• The customer shall bear any additional costs resulting from the return or exchange of the product without reasons.
• Once the refunded purchases are received, the amount due will be returned to the customer's balance in my store.
• The canteen must return the goods demanded to be returned or not accepted by the requester, at his own risk and account.
• A return and exchange fee will be charged on the student, which will be deducted from the amount available in my e-wallet.

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