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الأسئلة الشائعة

  • What is Maqsafy app?
    Maqsafy is an electronic application that organizes sales in canteens completely electronically so that school students and their parents can transfer money and purchase from the canteen inside their school electronically easily and safely.
  • Who follows the Maqsafy app?
    One of the initiatives of the Commercial Settlement Company (Closed Shareholding) and is not affiliated with the Ministry of Education or any government agency, and this initiative motivates the provision of electronic solutions to keep pace with the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia.
  • Who are the beneficiaries of Maqsafy application?
    A canteen application that serves school students and their parents and serves the school canteen, suppliers, school management and educational staff.
  • Does the application serve all regions in the Kingdom?
    Yes, and any school can implement the system.
  • Do you have an explanation in specific languages?
    Arabic and English.
  • Are canteens received through you and are they under your responsibility?
    We do not receive canteens, we only provide a system, but we can provide you with the numbers of our operators.
  • Creating your account is free or for a fee?
    Creating an account is free.
  • Is there a monthly fee for the application?
    There are no monthly fees.
  • Is the payment method in my Maqsafy considered safe?
    Yes, we are associated with the most powerful companies to maintain the confidentiality of transactions and financial cards.
  • Does the parent or student have to charge the balance every day?
    No, you can recharge a monthly or annual balance and set a daily limit for the student.
  • If I have more than one child in my canteen app, how do I manage the portfolio between them?
    You can manage the wallet by allocating a financial share (expenses) to each of your children and setting the upper limit for their daily purchases, thus managing your wallet in the application.
  • Is the student’s guardian entitled to recover the amount transferred to the student?
    The conversion process cannot be retrieved.
  • Is there a notice of low balance? And when does it happen?
    When the balance is low, you will be informed of how the application will notify you by alerts, and when the son requests another notification will appear to you.
  • How do I add credit to my account?
    You can add credit via (mada card, Visa, MasterCard or Apple Pay) through the add balance icon, then choose the amount to be recharged, fill in the bank card data, then press the (Pay) button, then the balance will appear in Your wallet.
  • What is the minimum amount to add credit?
    There is no minimum balance to add to the wallet from the bank account.
  • Is there a daily limit for student expenses?
    Yes, you can set a daily limit on student fees.
  • Do you charge a shipping fee when transferring to the student’s wallet?
    There are no in-app transfer fees.
  • Is there a fee for adding balance in the wallet or withdrawing the balance from the wallet?
    There are no fees when adding funds to the wallet.
  • What is the minimum transfer amount for a student wallet?
    There is no minimum transfer amount between wallets.
  • When can I withdraw the balance?
    You can withdraw the balance at any time through the "Withdraw the balance from the wallet" icon.
  • What is the mechanism for withdrawing the balance from the wallet?
    Through the main page, then the “Withdrawal Balance” icon, enter the bank account information, and the balance will be withdrawn.
  • If the study ends and the wallet still contains a balance, will I lose this balance?
    No, you will not lose any credit because of the end of the study and you will keep the balance until the return of the study, or you can withdraw credit through the credit withdrawal feature.
  • Is a student entitled to transfer or add credit to another student?
    A student cannot transfer an amount to any other student.
  • How are previous operations viewed?
    By clicking on the wallet icon at the bottom of the page, you will see all transactions.
  • Can the canteen seller get a cash refund if a product is canceled by the student?
    No, the amount will be returned to the student's wallet in Maqsafy.
  • Does the owner of the canteen have the right to top up the balance and how is this done?
    Yes, from the wallet icon, then add balance, then enter the banking information.
  • How long does it take to transfer from the student's account to the canteen vendor?
    It is transferred immediately upon purchase of the student.
  • Do the procedures for transferring between Maqsafy wallets need time?
    No, the transfer will take place immediately.
  • How do I pay suppliers?
    After adding the products to the basket, reviewing the order data and specifying the day and time to receive it, payment will be made upon confirmation of the order.
  • What is the method of withdrawing the balance? And when do you arrive? (What is the cashback mechanism)?
    Through the site "balance withdrawal box" and withdrawals are made directly from the supplier's account on the site to the bank account, and the transfer is made according to the bank transfer system.
  • What is the way to add children in the guardian's account?
    Through the home page, the icon to add a child and then enter the student's information.
  • How important is the internet and internet presence in school to use the app?
    We all know the importance of the Internet everywhere, and the Internet must be available for the system to function.
  • Do I need to open a special account for each of my children?
  • Can my children be added to other schools?
    Yes, through the main menu "add a son" and select each son's school.
  • If I transfer my children from School A to School B, will I lose the wallet?
    No, you only have to change the schools of your children or one of them by (modifying the student's information) and you will not lose any money in your wallet.
  • Do I have to provide a smartphone for each of my children to use the app?
    No, all you have to do is add and fill in your children's data correctly and accurately on the Maqsafy.
  • How to attach or modify the photo of the son?
    Click on the son icon, attach a photo through the camera or photo gallery.
  • Can children registered in Maqsafy application by the guardian open another Maqsafy account without the guardian’s knowledge?
    No, the same student will not be able to open another account without the guardian's knowledge, because the application prevents duplication of accounts, but he can open an account to view the canteen products, pre-order and the executed processes of purchasing the products.
  • How to change the password in the Maqsafy app?
    Through the settings icon and then "Modify personal information".
  • How to recover the password when you forget it?
    Click on Forgot Password and enter the phone number, then confirm the verification code sent to the registered phone and register the new password.
  • Can the canteen seller have access to student information?
    Maqsafy application that displays to each of the transaction parties the information they need to carry out their tasks, and they cannot access any data other than what is presented to them.
  • How is the school account linked to the canteen?
    Through the canteens icon, then create a new canteen.
  • How can I add another supplier account?
    By communicating with the administration of the Canteen app.
  • How do I add a driver account?
    Through the supplier control panel, accounts, drivers accounts, then create a new user.
  • Can charities related to schools be treated as (guardians)?
    The system is designed so that the student can link more than one administrator, so the taxpayer from any institution can link with the student to charge his wallet.
  • Is it possible to create a control panel for charitable organizations to monitor operations?
    Yes, we have a control panel for schools, canteen operators, suppliers and charities.
  • Can I, as a student, verify, monitor and control my children’s purchases?
    Yes, the Maqsafy app gives parents the ability to control, monitor and control their children's purchases by selecting the products prohibited for them from the list of canteen products that appear on the app.
  • What data will be visible to the owner of the canteen?
    The canteen seller will see the student's photo, the student's triple name, the canteen number, the student's balance and the daily limit, otherwise no other information will appear.
  • Is the school principal able to supervise or see the account of the canteen seller?
    Yes, the school principal can supervise the canteen vendor's account.
  • Does the school principal have the right to disable the account of a canteen seller?
    Yes, the school principal has the right to disable the canteen seller's account.
  • Does the school principal have the right to prevent a specific product from the student because of his health condition?
    Yes, the school principal has the right to prevent a student from certain products.
  • Is it possible for the student’s guardian to communicate with the canteen seller through the Maqsafy app?
    Yes, through notes on pre-orders.
  • Does the seller of the canteen have the right to see the previous operations of the students?
    Yes, the seller of the canteen can see the previous transactions.
  • Can I prefer the suppliers' stores in a special field and come back to them later?
    Yes, you can prefer the suppliers' stores to facilitate access to them again when needed by clicking on the preference icon.
  • How can a school principal review canteen sales?
    Accounts are reviewed through the sales icon from the school account.
  • When stocks run out, can I stop or disable the product? How do I deactivate the product?
    Yes, you can disable or disable the product from the product management box, and when the product is available, click on the Play icon.
  • How do I make a pre-order?
    On the home page, click on the child and choose the pre-orders icon, then choose the order and it will be confirmed.
  • How to order from supplier stores?
    Through the school and the seller's account, click on the more icon, then the suppliers' stores, to choose from among the companies according to their needs.
  • What is the method of adding a product?
    Through the seller's control panel, accounts, products and then add products.
  • How can I adjust prices?
    Through the control panel, products, then edit the product, then modify the price of the product.
  • In the event of returning a product, what is the mechanism used?
    There is an option in case the supplier accepts the return of any product he sold.
  • Can the student communicate with the canteen vendor to cancel his pre-order in case he is absent from school?
    Requests must be confirmed before completing the purchase.
  • Can I send one of my colleagues to pick up my meal?
    This is not possible because each student has his own wallet.
  • Do I have the right to go to the canteen and receive my meal at any time?
    Refer to the policy of the school administration.
  • Can the canteen seller receive pre-orders from parents or students?
    Yes, through the pre-orders icon.
  • What is the method of adding a product?
    From the operator's control panel, Settings, then Products, then add a product.
  • What is the way to adjust product prices?
    From the operator's control panel, Settings, then Products, then Edit.
  • The mechanism used when returning the product from the student?
    Through the sales field, search for and select the student and then the (Rewind) icon.
  • How long does it take to sell via the app? (How fast can the process be completed)?
    Time taken 13 seconds per operation.
  • Can the student purchase more than the daily limit specified by the guardian?
    No, the application will not accept any purchase that exceeds the daily limit authorized by the guardian.
  • What is the method used to sell products to students?
    Through direct sales or pre-orders.
  • How do I enter the canteen number or the name of a student?
    On the main page, you can put my canteen number or the student's triple name.
  • Does the canteen seller have the right to place offers on some products?
    Yes, he can place offers on products entered by the canteen seller.
  • Are the products added by the contractor?
    Yes, the products are added by the contractor.
  • What is the basis for displaying companies in the suppliers page?
    Depending on the area closest to the request.
  • Can I make a classification for the private supply company?
    Yes, by managing the Maqsafy app.
  • How do I verify the identity of the seller of the canteen when ordering from the supplier?
    When placing an order, there is a verification code and a QR code that is requested upon receipt of the order.
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